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Kidnapped Child Eitan Blasingame

Updated : September 2013

Eitan Blasingame

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Investigators Garner Tips!

    Over the past three months - investigators have garnered six tips from the Kuala Lumpur area of Malaysia. We have been told that Mr. Blasingame is teaching English to locals and may even be attempting contact back home through American's that he has met.

We are asking the public to please contact us if you make contact with Mr. Blasingame. Do no believe his stories - he is a wanted fugitive. He is considered armed and dangerous.

We have also garnered some tips regarding his sister Jade Blasingame and her involvement. If you have tips please call us or your local US Marshals office.

Blasingame Spotted In Malaysia

Investigators have learned that Michael Blasingame has been spotted by Malaysian authorities attempting to garner free aid for himself and his son. Further, Michael has been associated with a known terrorist organization and may be attempting to use Eitan to get him into or out of different countries. We are asking all visitors and the American public that lives in Malaysia to communicate any findings with the local authority - and the US Consulate in Kuala Lumpur.


Family Statement

Today - Eitan's grandmother - Renee Blasingame faced trial for "Interference With Child Custody." Renee was found not guilty of the crime. During the trial - evidence was admitted showing that Renee had provided airplane tickets and money for Michaels run from Justice. However, the judge felt that there was question if Renee knew Michael was wanted and other jurisdictional issues with the case.

The family would like to thank the Judge in the case for listening to the facts. As the family does not agree with the verdict - they respect it. Further, the family would like to thank the Collin County District Attorney's office, the Plano Police Department and the US Department of Justice for their hard work on the case. And the family would like to thank the prosecution and defense lawyers for their professionalism.

As the trial was going on - Interpol made the announcement today that an official "RED NOTICE" has been issued for the arrest of Michael Blasingame. He is now an international fugitive. A copy of the arrest warrant is here : BA.pdf. The original Red Notice was issued in August of 2010 - however the Country of Malaysia has now agreed to accept the notice, as well as Yemen, Twain and other pacific rim countries. The family would like to thank the US Department of State and SOS Hillary Clinton's team in the department of Children's Affairs. Not to mention that fine and dedicated workers at MEC.

Whatever the verdict today would have been - does not change that a mother is without her son, Michaels parents are without their son and grandson, Michaels sisters are without their brother and nephew, and thousands of dollars have been spent because of a reckless and careless act (s) of Michael Blasingame. The true fact is that Michael is in charge. He can either keep this insane act going - or he can end it. There is nobody to blame for any of this other than Michael Gary Blasingame.

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Fugitive Michael Blasingame

Investigators Need Your Help!

Investigators have learned that the kidnapped child - Eitan Blasingame may be sick and Michael has tried to take him to three hospitals in the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia area. We are asking that all Americans that may be in that area please help investigators by watching for Michael and Eitan. If they are sighted please contact investigators. Eitan is said to have been ill and Michael is attempting to get him help.

Michael - we are making a plea to you to go to your nearest American Embassy and give Eitan to Embassy officials. They are aware you are looking for help. We can help you Michael. We can help Eitan.

The family further asks publicly, Renee, Monte and Jade Blasingame to help investigators and help bring this to an end.

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Americans Most Wanted Web Feature On Michael Blasingame

It was announced that America's Most Wanted has created a web feature for the case of the kidnapped child Eitan Blasingame today. America's Most Wanted TV show is world renowned for bringing attention to fugitives.

To find America's Most Wanted site / story on the Blasingame case please find it here :

Diana Blasingame would like to thank AMW and everyone in the media that is helping to locate Eitan.


US Marshals Seek Information International Kidnapper


Lafayette, LA – The US Marshals are seeking information as to the location of twenty-eight year old Michael Blasingame.  Blasingame fled the United States with his three year old son, Eitan sometime after March 18, 2008.  Blasingame is charged federally in the Eastern District of Texas with International Parental Kidnapping and Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution.   Blasingame is also wanted by the State of Texas in Collin County for Interference with a Child Custody Order.  Blasingame  was supposed to return Eitan to his Mother in Plano, Texas on March 18, 2008; instead, Blasingame took Eitan to Mexico City where they stayed until September of 2008.  From Mexico, the two traveled to Germany, Yemen, Ethiopia, Thailand and Malaysia. 

Today, the Western District of Louisiana’s Fugitive Task Force in Lafayette, in conjunction with members of the Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force arrested Blasingame’s mother, fifty-one year old Renee Blasingame at her home at 302 Live Oak Drive, Lafayette, LA.  Renee Blasingame is charged by the Plano Police Department for Interference with a Child Custody Order.  Renee was booked this morning at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center in Lafayette and is awaiting extradition back to Plano to face her charges.  Moreover, a Search Warrant was executed at Renee Blasingame’s home and place of business.  The US Marshals Service is offering a cash award for information that may lead to arrest of Blasingame.   

350,000 family abductions occur annually in the United States.  163,000 of those are cases involving children who are transported out of state with the intent to keep the children.  More information about this case and other cases involving missing children can be found on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website located on the web at  Persons with information concerning this and other missing child cases can also call 1-800-The-Lost.   

Additional information about the U.S. Marshals can be found at


January 2010

Michael Blasingame continues to be a fugitive from Justice. Through international travel records obtained in the civil case - Blasingame started his run from justice in Mexico City Mexico - traveling to Germany. From Germany he flew to Egypt and stayed for a period of three weeks. He then traveled from Cairo Egypt to Yemen where he disappeared with Eitan for a long period of time. From Yemen fugitive Blasingame traveled to Ethiopia and then flew to Thailand. He crossed the border into Malaysia. Civil Investigators are actively pursuing him in Malaysia and Thailand.

During the course and scope of the civil lawsuit, it has been determined that Blasingame's mother, Renee Blasingame, who operates a small business called Upscale Resale in Lafayette Louisiana, has sent Michael funds to help his run from the law. Renee has refused to cooperate with civil investigators in the case forcing Eitan's mother Diana to file another State and Federal Lawsuit naming Renee and Monte Blasingame (Michael's Father). This lawsuit may be expanded to other family members post learning that Michael has been in contact with other family members and they may have been sending money to him.

Michael continues to profess his dedication with the Jewish Faith. It is now well assumed that Michael has no regard to Eitan's health and safety by traveling to known Muslim Terrorist areas of the world as well as not providing a steady and stable home for him. Civil Investigators now believe that Blasingame is using the Jewish Faith as a cover in a larger objective. Investigators have asked the public to be aware of the tattoos on his forearms and shoulder :


Due to Michaels past statements, affiliation with gangs in the United States and his known travel to terrorist states - Michael has been declared armed and dangerous. If you see Michael or Eitan you are encouraged to immediately contact the State Department, US Marshals Service or the Plano Police Department in Texas. All tips will remain confidential. A UFAP Warrant has been issued for his arrest - as well as International Kidnapping Warrant for his arrest.


As all people on the run, Michael may try and call family or friends for money and information. We want to remind all of you that know Michael that if you knowingly help Michael in his run from the law, you could be endangering the United States Homeland Security as well as other countries that you may be in. Michael is a very dangerous person and is using his son for his own agenda. His mother is further helping her son - by sending him money in the past according to documents received in the civil case.

If you have questions or comments or have had contact with Michael - please call the lead civil investigator Philip Klein, 409-729-8798 x 6.

Again - do not attempt to speak or apprehend. Simply call International, Federal, State or this office. Blasingame is a very dangerous wanted felon.

The Kidnapping of Eitan Blasingame

Michael Blasingame and Diana Huynh met at church in 2000 while Diana was in high school. As young people do - they broke up only to meet again in January of 2006. Diana was attending Baylor Nursing school attempting to finish her nursing degree. In October of 2006 Diana discovered that she was pregnant with a son. The couple was married in July of 2006. Eitan Ariel Blasingame was born on October 22, 2006 in Dallas, Texas.

At the time, Michael was self-employed and was working at a local 7-11 store in Plano, Texas. He was having trouble making enough money to support a wife and his child. The couple was living with Diana's family in Plano, Texas. Michael again attempted to garner success in another business, being an internet cafe'. It too failed - as most attempts at business Michael have done.

In February of 2007, Michael left the internet cafe' in serious debt. Collectors were calling and Michael wanted to do what Michael does best. Michael wanted to run away from his problems and travel. Michael convinced Diana to travel with him to Madagascar. They lived hand and mouth for a period of three months until  Eitan became ill.

Knowing of Michaels serious problems of being able to grow up and provide for a wife and child, Diana told Michael she wanted a divorce. Diana was tired of the irresponsible life that Michael had undertaken running from his debt and responsibility as not only a father - but as a man.

Michael told Diana that if she left Madagascar that he would take Eitan and run away with him. This would be his first threat. Finally after Eitan became ill, Diana convinced Michael to let her and the child come back to the United States.  Michael came back two months after Diana arrived in the United States.  However, due to Michaels irresponsible behavior and constant running from his problems, Diana told Michael she wanted a divorce.

In October of 2007, Michael came to Plano to visit his son. Diana allowed him to visit with Eitan anytime he wanted and made sure that the boy knew who his father was. Throughout the holidays, the family shared custody of the child.

Michael was served with divorce papers. This did not sit well with Michael and he refused to sign the papers. Diana - again - wanted to try to make the relationship between father and son the best she could. She was living in Plano and he was living in Lafayette Louisiana. They agreed to share custody.

The final court date was scheduled for February 11, 2008. Diana went to Lafayette to visit Eitan and found Michael in a depressed state at his parents home where he was living. He would scream, cry and threaten Diana with leaving with the child.

Before the final hearing, Michael told Diana that he had dreams of killing her so that he could have sole custody of the child. He threatened her not to say anything to the police or her attorney.

Michael asked the court for more time so he could get an attorney. The court granted him that chance and made the final hearing date for April 23, 2008 and ordered him to appear with or without an attorney.

On March 18, 2008, Michael was to have turned the child back to Diana for visitation. She called the day before and did not get an answer on his phone. It went straight to voice mail. Diana called Michaels family and they told him that Michael had left for Dallas to bring him to her as well as to visit with a lawyer.

That was later to be discovered to be a lie.

Diana called the police and made her first missing persons report in the summer of 2008.

The April date for the final hearing was called - however - Michael did not show up. In May, another hearing was had and the Judge granted Diana H. Blasingame sole custody of the child and ordered the child to be returned.

In July, the detectives attempted to garner the Blasingame family's assistance in finding Michael and Eitan. They stated that they did not know where he was and that they had not had contact with him. In December, Michael Blasingame became a fugitive from Justice and warrants were issued for his arrest for Interference with Child Custody.

As the investigation began to grow - Klein Investigations and Consulting of Nederland Texas was introduced to the case. In cooperation with local, State and Federal agencies, the Blasingame family as well as attorney Jade Blasingame was given the opportunity to be questioned as well as give statements of their knowledge.

Today, Michael Blasingame is a wanted felon. As well as local, state and federal agencies from the United States, INTERPOL is aggressively searching for him as well as Eitan.

Michael is considered a danger to himself with the threat of suicide. He is considered armed and dangerous and the public should not approach him if seen. Please call your local police authority or you may "click" on the tip bar at the top of this page and send the agencies your tip on where you last saw this wanted felon.

Please watch this page for updates and notices. Again, Michael Blasingame is a wanted felon and should not be approached.

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